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Gain a Statistical Edge in Your Trading

  • Support for /ES, /YM, /NQ, /RTY, /ZB, /GC, HG and /CL
  • Can Use Micro-Futures Contracts and ETF/Options as Alternatives to Futures
  • Trading With a Probabilistic Mindset
  • Trading Plan Included
  • Detailed User Guide Provided
  • Price locked in for life
  • Best ROI Trading Tool in Your Arsenal
  • Cancel Anytime

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide any refunds?

Given the nature of the indicator, we do not provide any refunds. You can view our Daily Trade Reports to learn more about the indicator and see if it fits your trading style. 

Will you be adding in support for more tickers?

Yes, we plan to gradually include similar volatility data for ETFs, top 10 holdings, and sector groupings.

How is this different from AutoChartist?

Our volatility ranges reflect the latest market conditions and continuously adapt. As a result, our users have said the Volatility Box's hourly price movement ranges provide better risk to reward ratios, and are generally more accurate than AC.

Does the Volatility Box work outside of market hours?

Yes. Both market and overnight data is included.

Why are only some tickers supported?

The computational power that runs these models far surpasses the capabilities of ThinkOrSwim. Each value is static, and hard-coded into the Volatility Box, and therefore updated weekly.

Do you have a trading guide on how to use these indicators?

Yes - we have a robust training guide that accompanies each one of our indicators. Click here to view our knowledgebase.

The #1 Tool in Your Trading Arsenal

New Levels Every Week

We send out two indicators (conservative and aggressive) every week with your subscription. Easily identify whether it is a high or low volatility day in the first hour, and choose the appropriate Volatility Box.

Volatility is not the same everyday. Adapt to changing market conditions using the two sets.

A detailed knowledge base is available here that includes instructions on how to install and read the indicator, along with a high level overview of Volatility Box setups.

See an example day of trading the Volatility Box below.


We analyze over 16,000 data points every week, using statistical models to create the Volatility Box.

Develop a probabilistic mindset and grow your account through process-driven trade setups.

Easily integrate within your existing trade setups to place smarter stops and targets.

Using The Volatility Box to DayTrade Powell's Testimony

How It Works


Risking $175 to make $300, with an 80% probability of success

  1. Register

    Register here to start using the volatility box in your trading away. You will have immediate access after your payment has been processed.

  2. Receive Weekly Indicator Updates

    Download each week's updated Volatility Box every Sunday night. Each release will contain two indicators - a conservative and an aggressive Volatility Box.

  3. Upload and Trade

    Upload both new STUDY.TS (indicator) files into your ThinkOrSwim platform and you are ready to trade!

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The Slingshot Squeeze indicator, scans and backtester is now available for all Volatility Box members. Watch the Squeeze Course here.