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20+ Premium Indicators Included

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20+ Premium Indicators Included

Every Volatility Box Membership Includes:

All Premium Indicators

We don't run marketing schemes to sell you new "game-changing" indicators. Everything is included with your Volatility Box membership. 

Squeeze Course Access

Transform the TTM Squeeze into a powerful squeeze trading system over 140 minutes, and 15 in-depth modules.

Setup Guide

Details, observations and insights that we've learned, in one-central place, to help you use the Volatility Box effectively.

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We're here to help answer any questions around using our tools more effectively, and developing a probabilistic mindset.

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No contracts, or long term commitments. Stay for as long as our tools give you an edge, without any future price increases.

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Access to our research, including the Triple Witching Friday and Cumulative TICK Pro original data sheets.

Why Traders Love the Volatility Box

Powerful, accurate volatility models to help you trade futures, stocks and options.

Fantastic system. I'm fascinated by how reliable the levels are. Once you get used to it, there's no going back.

Josh R.

Futures Volatility Box

Great course and service. I have never written code before, but wrote my first scan today. Thank you for the thinkScript lesson.

Paul N.

Stock Volatility Box

Man, thank you for making that video response. Much clearer now. You just made your monthly fee a bargain!

Nicholas S.

Stock Volatility Box

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer any trials or refunds, given the digital nature of indicator files (Volatility Box and premium indicators).

However, we are month to month, so you can cancel at any time if the Volatility Box does not fit your trading style. If you cancel, your subscription will expire at the end of your billing period.

You can view our Trade Reports to learn more about the indicator and see if it fits your trading style.

Yes. Both market and overnight data is included.

If you focus on trading mostly the indices, the Futures Volatility Box will be the Volatility Box that adds the most value in your trading. 

Our Futures Volatility Box ranges are hourly, which lead to more trade opportunities in the indices, compared to our daily ranges in the Stock Volatility Box. 

Yes, we are adding new symbols to the Volatility Box (nearly) every week, with the influx of new IPOs and SPACs.


If you trade a symbol that we don't support yet, send us a note, and we'll add it onto our watchlist.


We spend a good deal of time every week studying approximately 34,000 data points, and refining our models (and thus our ranges).

Our volatility ranges reflect the latest market conditions and continuously adapt. As a result, our users have said the Volatility Box's hourly (futures) and daily (stock) price movement ranges provide better risk to reward ratios, and are generally more accurate than AC.

Yes - we have a robust training guide to help you understand how to use the Volatility Box effectively.

This includes videos walking through chart setup, insights, setup walkthroughs, a Trade Plan (Futures) and more. 

Nope. We do things a little differently, and include all of our premium indicators with any Volatility Box membership. 

The Stock Volatility Box is meant for stock and options traders. We have 2 different Volatility Box models here - Aggressive and Conservative - each with a daily volatility level for long and short setups. 

The Futures Volatility Box is meant for futures, micro-futures and index traders. We have 5 different Volatility Box models here, with long and short volatility levels, that change with each hour of the day. 


/ES, /MES, /YM, /MYM, /NQ, /MNQ, /RTY, /M2K, /GC, /MGC, /SI, /SIL, /CL, /QM, /ZB, /NG, /HG


9,200+ Stocks and ETFs, with most of your favorite stocks being supported. If you would like to confirm any in particular, please send us a note, and we can verify symbol support for you. 

The Volatility Box provides us a clear zone in which we have an edge - that is, the probabilities are stacked in our favor. As long as each trade meets our rules, we take the trade, and treat it as one, in a series of trades. 

For those interested, Mark Douglas's Trading in the Zone, explores this notion of trading in more detail. 

No. If you're new to trading, our free indicators would be a good first place to start. 

The Volatility Box is meant for advanced traders, providing an instant framework around price and volatility, along with easy to use setups for each respective asset class. 


Here are some other creative ways that folks are currently using the Volatility Box levels, to trade alongside options: 
  • Buying a call or put when price hits our Volatility Box zones
  • Using the Volatility Box for precise levels when to sell a covered call, against existing long positions to optimize not only for premium collection, but also generating day-trading income from longer term positions
  • Selling credit spreads with 0 DTE whenever we have our fade setups that occur on a Friday -- the risk/reward on these strategies is skewed disproportionately in your favor, and work out for some really nice doubles and triples 
  • Using the Volatility Box levels to sell cash-secured puts on stocks they don't mind owning, when they appear on our VB Dashboard (as an alternative to buying the stock outright)

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