Volatility Box Trade Examples

Volatility models to help you trade stocks and futures like a seasoned professional

Archer Aviation - ACHR Stock

Archer Aviation – The Company That Wants to Make Flying Cars

Archer Aviation is a stock that stands out for 3 key reasons. I’ll share those reasons in this video, along with an entry zone.

5 Reasons Why I Like This High Dividend REIT

This high dividend REIT has a 21% dividend yield, and looks attractive at its current valuation. Here are 5 key reasons why I started a position.

Gap Fill - NTR Stock

Gap Fill in NTR Stock and Seasonal Patterns

Take advantage of the gap fill setup in this agricultural stock. We’ll look at the daily, weekly, and 5-min time frames.

MACD Divergence - JPM Stock

Take Advantage of this MACD Divergence in JPM

In this video, I’ll show you how to use the Smarter MACD scans to find powerful swing trading setups, in a few minutes.

Stock Volatility Box Live Scanner - ETFs on Sale

Find ETFs on Sale With This Scanner

Here’s an easy way to find swing trade setups in ETFs and their top holdings.

FOMC Volatility to Trade SPY

Take Advantage of FOMC Volatility in SPY

Here is a simple way to take advantage of FOMC related volatility in the S&P 500, using SPY.

SPY Buy the Dip 2024

Buy the Dip in SPY at $500?

Is the S&P 500 a buy at these key levels? Here’s a simple way to use volatility and price channels for a comprehensive look.

TSLA Post-Earnings Volatility

Take Advantage of TSLA’s Post-Earnings Volatility

Here’s a simple way to take advantage of these intraday levels in TSLA, as post-earnings volatility continues to increase.

AMD Stock - Buy the Dip Setup

Key Levels in AMD Stock – Buy the Dip Setup

Here are key levels I am waiting for inside of AMD, before looking at a long entry to buy the dip in the bull trend.

TTM Squeeze - Monthly Squeezes

4 Monthly Squeezes That Stand Out

Keep an eye on these 4 MONTHLY TTM Squeezes that are building up. Positive backtests, and an entry coming up!

TSLA Stock - Post Earnings Volatility Opportunities

Is TSLA Stock a Buy Here?

TSLA stock fell to $180 post-earnings. Is this a good buy level? Find out the exact levels to monitor in TSLA stock after earnings.

Relative Volatility Between Futures and Stock

Compare Stock and Futures Market Volatility

A step-by-step guide comparing the volatility between major stocks and futures markets.

Nasdaq Levels 2024

NASDAQ – Three Key Levels to Watch in 2024

Keep track of these 3 key levels in the Nasdaq in 2024.

Bitcoin Mining Stocks

3 Crypto Stocks With Increasing Volatility

The three crypto stocks with RISING volatility, and opportunity for traders.

Google Gemini AI Volatility

How Google Gemini Affected the Stock Price

Day trade the volatility in Google stock after the release of their new AI model, Google Gemini.

End of Year Volatility in Stock Market

End of Year Volatility Mismatch Opportunities

While the index markets are doing one thing, these stocks are likely to be doing another, giving you a concrete volatility edge.

Nasdaq vs. S&P 500 Trading

Day Trading – Nasdaq vs. S&P 500 – Volatility Comparison

Compare and contrast the different volatility in the Nasdaq and S&P 500 futures markets, with specific clues.


Take Advantage of Intraday Earnings Volatility

Day trade earnings volatility easily with this simple strategy. Example in BestBuy (BBY) included!

Daytrading Sector Volatility in ThinkOrSwim

How to Day Trade Sector Volatility

Does the sector lead volatility, or do its top holdings? That’s the question we are looking to answer in today’s video. We will do a data deep dive into XLRE, which had 75% of its stocks appear on our volatility scanner today.

Sector Rally in S&P 500

Which Sectors Are Fueling This S&P 500 Rally?

8 sectors have now transitioned from “Deceleration” to “Accumulation”, with money flowing into them. Let’s break down these sectors, and things to watch out for as we play the November seasonality in the S&P 500.

Reduce Earnings Risk

A Simple Way to Trade Earnings With Reduced Risk

Earnings volatility led to a sector to trigger a ‘Buy the Dip’ setup early in the morning. This was a high-probability setup, with both a volatility and price edge. Let’s break this setup down in more detail in today’s video.

Trade With an Edge, at the Edge