Volatility Box - Powerful Volatility Ranges for Stocks and Futures (built by quants and engineers)
The Volatility Box is derived from robust statistical models, in which we analyze over 16,000 data points every week. This type of information, real-time, has previously been available only to large institutions and hedge funds. We are breaking down that barrier.

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Free ThinkOrSwim Indicators and Scans

We share most of our thinkScript code for free.
Below, you will find a list of all available indicators with a download file for ThinkOrSwim.

Anchored VWAP

Build a simple, yet effective Anchored VWAP indicator for ThinkOrSwim in less than 10 minutes using just a few lines of code.

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Cumulative Advance Decline Trading System

Build an introductory trading system using the Advance Decline line, by taking a basic indicator and extracting patterns and signals.

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TTM Squeeze - Backtest Like a Pro

Build a light weight TTM Squeeze Backtester that allows you to test squeezes on different time frames, with tweaked nK and nBB factors.

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Supply Demand Edge

Easily spot supply/demand imbalances in the marketplace, and identify divergences that you can leverage in your trading.

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VScore Indicator

Build the VScore trading indicator which helps you understand and plot price behavior in relation to its standard deviation, using the VWAP bands.

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VScore Scans

Learn how to use custom studies to build your own scans and outsource the heavy lifting of finding trade candidates to the machine. 

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Market Pulse

Build a powerful tool that lets you identify which one of the four market stages we are currently in. More information about market stages also provided.

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Simple Breakout Tool

Build a simple trading indicator that lets you identify breakouts before they happen, where you have enough of an edge to give you an entry.

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Smarter Earnings

Build an earnings indicator for ThinkOrSwim which allows you to analyze and play the actual day of earnings, compared to pre/post earnings.

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Dynamic RSI

Build a more powerful version of the RSI, that shifts and adapts to changing price condition and helps to identify overbought/oversold zones.

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Multi Time Frame DMI Explosion

Build a powerful DMI breakout indicator, that incorporates multiple time frames to quickly perform technical analysis across multiple charts.

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DMI Power Move Scans

Translate the MTF DMI indicator into a seamless scan, that helps you find momentum-based moves before they happen.

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TTM Squeeze Dashboard

Build a beautiful TTM Squeeze Dashboard in 25 minutes, that lets you monitor multiple squeezes on various time frames in an easy-to-read manner.

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Advanced Volume Zone Oscillator (VZO)

We'll take the basic VZO indicator in ThinkOrSwim and extract meaningful patterns to turn it into a useful trend trading tool. 

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Triple Pro Squeeze Course

90-minute tutorial series, in which we do a deep dive and build the Triple Pro Squeeze indicator, along with our own Squeeze Signals indicator.

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Guide to Automated Trading

Write thinkScript code to achieve as close to automated trading in ThinkOrSwim, using 8 real-world trading scenarios as examples.

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Multi-Time Frame (MTF) Squeeze

Build a multiple time frame squeeze that shows you all the different time frames in which we have a TTM_Squeeze

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Unusual Volume Scans

Build 4 scans to help easily identify underlying's where we have greater than "x" standard deviation volume, using the Relative Volume Standard Deviation function.

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Cumulative TICK 

Build a cumulative TICK indicator that helps you track market internals ($TICK) in a much more efficient manner

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The Slingshot Squeeze indicator, scans and backtester is now available for all Volatility Box members. Watch the Squeeze Course here.