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Parabolic SAR Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Parabolic SAR

Build a better Parabolic SAR indicator, that allows you to predict reversals before they happen.
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Smarter MACD Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Smarter MACD

Learn how to build a powerful MACD indicator with built-in higher time frame analysis. Download for free on our website!
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Candle Counter for ThinkOrSwim

Candle Counter

Download this free indicator to easily analyze your favorite markets, and compare red vs. green candles to find patterns and trends.
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Moving Average Clouds for ThinkOrSwim

Moving Average Clouds

A simple, yet powerful Moving Average Clouds indicator, to easily spot trends and reversals. Free download!
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Dollar Cost Average Calculator for ThinkOrSwim

DCA Calculator Pro

The DCA Calculator for ThinkOrSwim allows you to test the effectiveness of two different dollar-cost average strategies and compare their performance.
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Dividend Yield Pro Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Dividend Yield Pro

The Dividend Yield Pro indicator allows you to compare a company's current dividend yield, to its historical dividend yield, and find outliers easily.
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Dividend Yield Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Dividend Yield

Analyze the current dividend yield vs. the historical yield in your favorite markets, and find hidden gems with outperformance.
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Stacked Moving Averages

Stacked Moving Averages

Find the best trends with our free Stacked Moving Averages indicator. We'll show you how to build it, and use it with your favorite EMA's and SMA's.
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Average Volume Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Average Volume Stats

Analyze and compare today's daily volume with historical volume in less than 1 second.
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Super Bowl Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Super Bowl Indicator

Build your own Super Bowl indicator, and test how useful it has been in predicting stock market moves.
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Bollinger Bands Reversal Indicator

Bollinger Bands Reversal

Build your own Bollinger Bands reversal indicator, by taking advantage of a popular reversal pattern.
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Price to Book Value Ratio for ThinkOrSwim

Price to Book Value Ratio

Track the current and historical P/B ratio levels for any market, using our free P/B Ratio Indicator for ThinkOrSwim.
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MTF Moving Averages

Multiple Time Frame Moving Averages

Add different timeframe moving averages to a specific chart, using a few lines of simple thinkScript code
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Relative Performance Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Relative Performance Indicator for ThinkOrSwim (FREE)

Build a relative performance indicator, which lets you easily compare two symbols against each other and find outperformers
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Rate of Change Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Rate of Change Indicator for ThinkOrSwim (FREE)

Learn how to build a smarter Rate of Change indicator for ThinkOrSwim in 23 minutes.
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Opening Range Breakout Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Opening Range Breakout

A smarter and easy to use Opening Range Breakout indicator, allowing you to trade the strategy like a pro.
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Historical PE Ratio for ThinkOrSwim

P/E Ratio

Track the current and historical P/E ratio levels for any market, using our free P/E Ratio Indicator for ThinkOrSwim.
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Edge Signals Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Edge Signals Pro

In this members-only thinkScript tutorial, I'll show you how the Edge Signals is built, with the powerful twist in the code, that allows it to be used for a variety of setups.
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MTF Market Pulse for ThinkOrSwim

MTF Market Pulse Pro

In this members-only thinkScript tutorial, I'll show you how to build a MTF Market Pulse indicator, which allows you to quickly view the market trend across 18 different time frames.
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Extreme TICK Counter for ThinkOrSwim

Extreme TICK Counter

I'll walk through how you can build a counter to keep track of +1000 and -1000 NYSE $TICK readings, every single day.
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Pre-Earnings Analysis Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Pre-Earnings Analysis Pro

In this tutorial, we're going to build a brand new Pre-Earnings Analysis indicator for you to be able to analyze price and implied volatility moves PRIOR to earnings.
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Seasonal Analysis Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Seasonal Analysis

In this thinkScript tutorial, we'll build a Seasonal Analysis indicator to identify recurring patterns and tendencies in your favorite stocks, ETFs, and futures.
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Extended Keltner Channels

Keltner Channel Wedges

In this beginner thinkScript tutorial, we'll build an indicator to alert us whenever we are in "overly extended" territory, as measured by the Keltner Channels.
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Wheel Option Calculator Pro

The Wheel Option Calculator helps you quickly calculate return percentages and identify the best stocks to run the wheel option strategy.
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Cash-Secured Put Calculator

The Cash-Secured Put Calculator helps you quickly calculate return percentages and identify the best stocks to sell cash-secured puts.
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Adv. Covered Call Calculator Pro

The Advanced Covered Call Calculator is useful for managing existing positions, by including your own cost-basis for customized return percentages.
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Covered Call Calculator

Build a simple, yet powerful Covered Call Calculator for ThinkOrSwim to find the most profitable calls to sell.
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Reversion to 50 Day SMA

Learn how to build a "reversion to the mean" type indicator, using boolean variables and labels.
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Wilder’s Momentum Concept

Explore the multi-decade old momentum concept created by Wilder, using a few, simple lines of code.
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Cumulative TICK

Build a cumulative TICK indicator to track market internals ($TICK) in an efficient manner, keeping the count.
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Cumulative TICK Pro Pro

Leverage Python and Jupyter Notebooks to identify trending and trend exhaustion days, using market internals.
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Option Chain Relative Value

We'll use the implied volatility, along with our option's pricing thinkScript to find opportunities and craft high-probability trades.
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Multi-Time Frame (MTF) Squeeze Indicator

Build a multiple time frame squeeze that shows you all the different time frames in which we have a TTM_Squeeze.
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Beginner’s Guide to Automated Trading

The complete beginner's guide to automated trading in ThinkOrSwim, with 8 different trading examples.
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Volume Zone Oscillator

We'll take the basic VZO indicator in ThinkOrSwim and extract meaningful patterns to turn it into a useful trend trading tool.
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Multi Time Frame (MTF) DMI

Identify momentum waves changing across multiple time frames, and “calm before the storm” opportunities.
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Dynamic RSI

Build a more powerful version of the RSI, that shifts and adapts to changing price condition and helps to identify overbought/oversold zones.
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Smarter Earnings

Build your very own earnings indicator in 45 minutes, to help you trade the actual day of earnings using data.
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Simple Breakout Tool

Build a breakout indicator, using a simple, yet effective combination of moving averages and stochastics.
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Market Pulse

Identify the 4 different market stages with one simple line, and replace the noise on your charts.
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Build the VScore trading indicator which helps you understand and plot price behavior in relation to its standard deviation, using the VWAP bands.
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Supply Demand Edge

Easily spot $TICK and $ADSPD supply/demand imbalances, and identify divergences that you can leverage in your trading.
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Cumulative Advance Decline Trading System

Build an introductory trading system using the Advance Decline line, by taking a basic indicator and extracting patterns and signals.
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Anchored VWAP Indicator for ThinkOrSwim (2022)

Build a simple, yet effective Anchored VWAP indicator for ThinkOrSwim in less than 10 minutes using just a few lines of code.
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