Futures Volatility Box

Volatility models to help you trade futures, microfutures and index ETF options like a seasoned professional

  • Updated weekly with new volatility ranges

  • 10 futures markets supported (plus micros)

  • Trading Plan and tools to help you learn the system


Futures Markets Supported:

S&P 500 (/ES and /MES)

DOW (/YM and /MYM)

Nasdaq (/NQ and /MNQ)

Russell (/RTY and /M2K)

30-YR Bond (/ZB)

Gold (/GC and /MGC)

Silver (/SI and /SIL)

Crude Oil (/CL and /MCL)

Natural Gas (/NG)

Copper (/HG)

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How It Works

Step 1:

Download Weekly Update

We study new data points, and update our Futures Volatility Box ranges every Sunday (prior to the open).

Step 2:

Adapt to Each Day's Volatility

Leverage the Volatility Box to easily understand and adapt to each day's changing volatility regime

Step 3:

Trade at the Edge

2 different setups (fade and trend) to help you trade at the edge, with an edge and profit from volatility

Powerful Volatility Models to Beat the Market Makers

We study 34,000 data points every week, so we can take advantage of quant-based reversal levels.

Two simple, yet powerful volatility setups to trade volatility

Five volatility models so you can adapt to any market condition

Daily emails to navigate the volatility landscape for the day

Learn the system with our Trade Plan and video walkthroughs

Train your eyes to recognize setups using our Trading Assistant

Easily identify trending days before they happen and profit

Why Traders Love the Volatility Box

Understand, compare and profit from volatility in a consistent, repeatable process.

Your customer service has been extraordinary. You've answered my questions in a timely manner and given me great information to help me get familiar with the system.

Craig W.

Futures Volatility Box

Just made $4k trading /ES in the first hour and day done. Bot the dip when futures fell into the VB and sold on the way up.

Gopal K.

Futures Volatility Box

Been using the Vscore with the Volatility Box to fade extreme zones using your 0 DTE SPY options trick. Great low cost lottery trade.

Tim H.

Futures Volatility Box

5 Different Volatility Models

Whether it's March 2020 type volatility, or a normal scalping day, the Futures Volatility Box has you covered.

Adapt to Increased Volatility

An instant framework to adapt to price and volatility, every single day. 

5 Different Volatility Models
Trade scheduled "volatility-catalyst" events (ie. FOMC, Inventories Reports)
Video playlist guide to setup charts

Grow a Small or Large Account

Choose between the full sized futures, microfutures, or even the underlying ETF options to trade.

Use 0 DTE Options To Skew Risk to Reward
Microfutures Supported
Ideal for SPY and SPX focused traders
Futures Post-Volatility Box

Skew the risk to reward ratio (risk: 4.75, reward 7+ pts), to consistently grow an account of any size

Every Volatility Box Membership Includes:

All Premium Indicators

We don't run marketing schemes to sell you new "game-changing" indicators. Everything is included with your Volatility Box membership. 

Squeeze Course Access

Transform the TTM Squeeze into a powerful squeeze trading system over 140 minutes, and 15 in-depth modules.

Setup Guide

Details, observations and insights that we've learned, in one-central place, to help you use the Volatility Box effectively.

Premium Support

We're here to help answer any questions around using our tools more effectively, and developing a probabilistic mindset.

Month to Month Flexibility

No contracts, or long term commitments. Stay for as long as our tools give you an edge, without any future price increases.

Members-Only Content

Access to our research, including the Triple Witching Friday and Cumulative TICK Pro original data sheets.

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