Stock Volatility Box

A robust platform to help you day and swing trade stocks like a seasoned professional 

  • Access to Live Scanner, Dashboard, Short Interest Scanner and Watchlist

  • 10,000+ stocks and ETFs supported

  • Updated every Sunday, with new hourly and daily volatility ranges for the week

Stock Volatility Box

How It Works

Step 1:

Choose From Live Scanner

Let our Live Scanner do the heavy lifting, and find new volatility setups for you every ~2 seconds.

Preview the Live Scanner

Step 2:

Add to Dashboard

Add stocks from the Live Scanner directly to your Dashboard, for custom Volatility Box ranges.

Explore the Dashboard

Step 3:

Trade With an Edge

The Volatility Box levels give you clear entry, stop and target levels, eliminating any emotions.

Trade at the Edge

Institutional Data for Retail Investors

A full-fledged platform to trade volatility using our proprietary volatility models, data, and technology 

Stock VB - Live Scanner Overview

Step 1:

Choose from our Live Scanner

Our Live Scanner refreshes every 15 seconds with new setups, so that you always know where trade opportunities are setting up.

Here's what the scanner looks for:

Stocks and ETFs at least $10+ with an average volume greater than 1 million

Any symbols in our stock universe breaching our volatility reversal zones

Stocks and ETFs where we have a volatility edge

Step 2:

Add to Dashboard

Pick your favorite setups, and add them to your Dashboard for instant and precise volatility price reversal zones

Generate unlimited ThinkOrSwim indicator file with volatility levels
Fast and easy to use with 1-click to "Add to Dashboard"
Create alerts for your favorite stocks and ETFs
Stock VB - Dashboard Overview
Stock Volatility Box Trade Plan

Step 3:

Trade With an Edge

Leverage our proprietary volatility models and platform to profit from volatility mispricing opportunities, in a consistent, process-driven manner.

Our volatility models are updated weekly, every Sunday
Powerful tool to measure and trade volatility, using stock or options
Integrate with your own setups, or use our Volatility Box setups

Why Traders Love the Volatility Box

Leverage our technology and models into your trading to profit from volatility 

The platform is simple and easy to use. Live Scanner is probably my favorite part, with watchlist alerts as a close second.

Jim G.

Stock Volatility Box

Outstanding product and your team is great. Earnings season was a success this time around, fading the initial reaction.

Deborah O.

Stock Volatility Box

I appreciate how there's a clear plan to follow and the technology to help you follow that plan.

Robert L.

Stock Volatility Box

3 High Probability Trade Setups

Discover more about our setups below, complete with video trade walkthroughs


Volatility Box Fades

Our bread and butter setup, which has 2 different rules: 

  1. Price must breach our Volatility Box edge, signaling we're in a key volatility reversal area
  2. Confirm the reversal with a 1-min Edge Signal confirmation of overbought/oversold zones.

Nightly Volatility List

An overbought/oversold reversal setup, in which you can prepare, plan and even automate your entry for the next day.

We analyze volatility into the close every single day, to build a list of 3-6 stocks that we think is offering a volatility edge.


Swing Trading Trends

Take advantage of intraday volatility for better swing trade entries and exits, effortlessly.

  1. Create a watchlist of stocks that you have a longer term bias on
  2. Turn on browser alerts
  3. Receive a notification automatically when we have a volatility edge 
  4. Trade using Volatility Box Fade setup rules

Smarter Portfolio Management

Monitor your existing portfolio, along with your wish list of stocks, using our Dashboard with precise entry, exit and stop levels

Use 0 DTE Options To Skew Risk to Reward
Daily "fantasy" prices for your watchlist of stocks
Volatility-based exit zones to stop leaving money on the table
Stock Volatility Box - Volatility EDge

Every Volatility Box Membership Includes:

All Premium Indicators

We don't run marketing schemes to sell you new "game-changing" indicators. Everything is included with your Volatility Box membership. 

Squeeze Course Access

Transform the TTM Squeeze into a powerful squeeze trading system over 140 minutes, and 15 in-depth modules.

Setup Guide

Details, observations and insights that we've learned, in one-central place, to help you use the Volatility Box effectively.

Premium Support

We're here to help answer any questions around using our tools more effectively, and developing a probabilistic mindset.

Month to Month Flexibility

No contracts, or long term commitments. Stay for as long as our tools give you an edge, without any future price increases.

Members-Only Content

Access to our research, including the Triple Witching Friday and Cumulative TICK Pro original data sheets.

Trade Like a Pro, With the Pros

Institutional models, for the retail trader