Cumulative Advance Decline Trading System

Build an introductory trading system using the Advance Decline line, by taking a basic indicator and extracting patterns and signals.


12/6/20 - Code has been updated with a typo fixed. Thanks to Karl N. and Sidd C. for catching the error.

Welcome to the second episode of “How to Thinkscript”. We are, home of the Volatility Box, the most robust ThinkOrSwim indicator based on statistical models built for large institutions and hedge funds.

Today’s video is going to be an answer to a user’s (shoutout Carlos) question, regarding how to build an Anchored cumulative advance decline line for a group of stocks, which we turn into a trading system.


If you’d like to skip the tutorial and start playing with the indicator right away, it’s available to download for free below.

Original Raw Code Provided by Carlos:

declare lower;
 def fb = close("FB");
 def fb1 = close("FB")[1];
 def fba = fb > fb1;
 def fbb = fb < fb1;
 def amzn = close("AMZN");
 def amzn1 = close("AMZN")[1];
 def amzna = amzn > amzn1;
 def amznb = amzn < amzn1;
 def aapl = close("AAPL");
 def aapl1 = close("AAPL")[1];
 def aapla = aapl > aapl1;
 def aaplb = aapl < aapl1;
 def nflx = close("NFLX");
 def nflx1 = close("NFLX")[1];
 def nflxa = nflx > nflx1;
 def nflxb = nflx < nflx1;
 def goog = close("GOOG");
 def goog1 = close("GOOG")[1];
 def googa = goog > goog1;
 def googb = goog < goog1;
 def msft = close("MSFT");
 def msft1 = close("MSFT")[1];
 def msfta = nflx > nflx1;
 def msftb = nflx < nflx1;
 input startDateYyyyMmDd = 20120518;
 def beyondStartDate = if GetYYYYMMDD() >= startDateYyyyMmDd then 1 else 0;
 plot gang =  if beyondStartDate then TotalSum((fba - fbb)+(amzna-amznb)+(aapla-aaplb)+(nflxa-nflxb)+(googa-googb)+(msfta-msftb)) else totalsum(0);

Clean Code With New Variable Names:

#Credit to /r/BuckyJackson36 for commenting out the symbol code

declare lower;
 input symbol_1 = "FB";
 input symbol_2 = "AMZN";
 input symbol_3 = "AAPL";
 input symbol_4 = "NFLX";
 input symbol_5 = "GOOG";
 input symbol_6 = "MSFT";
 def symbol1 = close(symbol_1);
 def symbol11 = close(symbol_1)[1];
 def symbol1a = symbol1 > symbol11;
 def symbol1b = symbol1 < symbol11;
 def symbol2 = close(symbol_2);
 def symbol21 = close(symbol_2)[1];
 def symbol2a = symbol2 > symbol21;
 def symbol2b = symbol2 < symbol21;
 def symbol3 = close(symbol_3);
 def symbol31 = close(symbol_3)[1];
 def symbol3a = symbol3 > symbol31;
 def symbol3b = symbol3 < symbol31;
 def symbol4 = close(symbol_4);
 def symbol41 = close(symbol_4)[1];
 def symbol4a = symbol4 > symbol41;
 def symbol4b = symbol4 < symbol41;
 def symbol5 = close(symbol_5);
 def symbol51 = close(symbol_5)[1];
 def symbol5a = symbol5 > symbol51;
 def symbol5b = symbol5 < symbol51;
 def symbol6 = close(symbol_6);
 def symbol61 = close(symbol_6)[1];
 def symbol6a = symbol6 > symbol61;
 def symbol6b = symbol6 < symbol61;
 input startDateYyyyMmDd = 20200103;
 def beyondStartDate = if GetYYYYMMDD() >= startDateYyyyMmDd then 1 else 0;
 plot advDecLine =  if beyondStartDate then TotalSum((symbol1a - symbol1b)+(symbol2a-symbol2b)+(symbol3a-symbol3b)+(symbol4a-symbol4b)+(symbol5a-symbol5b)+(symbol6a-symbol6b)) else totalsum(0);

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