Yesterday was yet another example of why the Volatility Box is superior to AutoChartist’s price movement ranges.

We had a total of 8 setups—and all 8 were winners—for a total realized P/L of +$5,010Try the Volatility Box risk-free for our limited time offer.

With the Volatility Box:

  1. We knew by 7am PT that we were in greater-than-normal volatility, and we should switch over to the conservative Volatility Box (yes, that’s right—we give you two models allowing you to adapt to changing market conditions)
  2. You can trust that the models include last week’s heightened volatility sessions and INCLUDES that to determine this week’s ranges 
  3. All the levels are plotted in real-time. There is no guesswork or calculation required.

We had a total of 8 setups in the /ES, /NQ, /YM, and /RTY. ALL 8 of them were WINNERS (charts included below).

Each setup was clearly defined in the trading plan included for free, with the Volatility Box. 

Our total P/L using the Volatility Box, trading two contracts, was +$5,010… on setups that were 100% winners.

That’s the power of using models and statistics to see what the hedge funds and larger institutions see. 

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