Big Picture Overview

In tonight’s video, we’ll look at our indices with a bigger picture overview.

We had our bullish bias set in place by the Volatility Box with Thursday’s activity, with the following levels:

-ES: 3165
-YM: 28,050
-NQ: 8460
-RTY: 1645

With that bias, we were looking for long trades only using our Aggressive Volatility Box, or using our Conservative models for fades.

The S&P is up nearly 30 handles from that level, the DOW 180 points, the Nasdaq 140 points, and the Russell 9 points.

Aside from pulling profits from the market, those levels also help us easily understand which markets are stronger, and ripping higher (S&P and NQ) compared to the weaker index (RTY).

We’ll keep those levels in mind as potential areas of support, especially if they overlap with a Volatility Box level.

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