GOGO Continues Trending Higher After the Open

In tonight’s video, we’ll start by sharing a success story of one of our Volatility Box members who has gone 10-0 using our new Stock Volatility Box Tool in the month of December.

What’s more impressive than the record is the fact that he did it using just 1 monitor, which goes to prove that you do not need multiple monitors or fancy setups to consistently pull profits out of the market.

Amidst our low volatility environment today, we’ll focus on GOGO, which gave us potential signals that it would trend today, in yesterday’s trading activity.

GOGO broke above our level of $6.09 early in the morning session, after which it continued to trend higher for another ~3.5%, in the bullish direction.

We also shared a free indicator in yesterday’s video – the link to download is below for all those that are interested.

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