Using the Triple Check Method for a Nice Reversal in TSLA

In tonight’s video, we discuss a new idea of a Triple Check Method:

  1. We breach at the very least our first zone of an “edge entry” (after the dashed cyan line for futures, dashed gray line for stocks)
  2. We have our second confirmation using the Dynamic RSI Colored Candles, based on the appropriate color switch
  3. We have our final confirmation using the Waddah Attar indicator, giving us the OK to start looking at more aggressive entries

Using the above method, we found that TSLA breached our first, most aggressive Volatility Box edge zone in the morning, and then gave us our two confirmations for an aggressive entry (+1.5% total move in the underlying).

Another similar trade was in HIIQ, which was also a successful trade using the list.

And finally, we take a look at a trade in the /ZB futures from yesterday, where the Triple Check Method would have helped minimize the loss.

For all Volatility Box members – if this pattern continues to repeat itself, we will combine it into one easy-to-use indicator and share it within a weekly update.

Below is a free download link for all those interested in the Waddah Attar indicator:

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