Trading Game Plan for AAPL to $300

In tonight’s video, we take a deeper look at AAPL and create a game plan with triggers that indicate a bullish move to the likely target of $300.

Using our Volatility Box ranges and levels, we can build a game plan around the price point of $294.18. We’ll use our Volatility Box target lines to help dictate our targets, and where we expect price to start to exhaust.

In addition to AAPL, we also perform another side-by-side comparison of our four index markets (S&P, DOW, Nasdaq and Russell), and rank each market in terms of its volatility.

This gives us tangible information 30 minutes into the trading day, that we can use to help steer our focus in the right direction(s).

Outside of AAPL, there were also several opportunities to trade stocks like TSLA and LK, along with futures such as Crude Oil (CL) and Copper (HG).

With the end of the year volatility, we’ve been finding some tremendous opportunities using both our Stock and Futures Volatility Box.

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