Preparing for Crude Oil Inventories Report

In tonight’s video, we discuss our trade plan rules around the crude oil inventories report, which triggers again with tomorrow’s report.

We take a look at the volatility in the Crude Oil after 4am PT, and check to see whether or not we’ve breached the Aggressive Volatility Box entry lines.

We also have FOMC meeting minutes tomorrow, which calls for our attention. Anyone looking to play the event conservatively (and without switching back and forth or worrying about colored candles), then the Conservative Volatility Box is your best bet.

For more aggressive traders, you can use the Aggressive Volatility Box in conjunction with the Dynamic RSI colored candles on a ~3min time frame chart, to help you time reversals.

We also released our newest tutorial video, in which we not only updated the MTF DMI indicator, but also created DMI Power Move Scans using the same code.

Start trading with an edge, at the edge, and sign up for the Volatility Box today