Fading the Bonds to Close Out a Friday

In tonight’s video, we cover trades in both stocks and futures, using our Volatility Box.

Using our Futures Volatility Box, we had an entry in the ZB futures which presented an even better risk to reward ratio using the Dynamic RSI colored candles.

For our Stock Volatility Box, we were able to use our user suggested “scan” of observing the Investors.com “Stocks on the Move” list to find a ticker in DTIL.

DTIL had presented an overall bullish uptrend on the daily chart, and having a focus on looking at long-only entries made the most logical sense. We had an entry as price slammed into our Volatility Box line, allowing us to catch the wick in DTIL for a nice trade.

Before the day ended, the underlying was up +4% from our entry point.

Whether you trade stocks or futures, the Volatility Box presented an entry at the edge, with an edge, in both asset classes.

Start trading with an edge, at the edge, and sign up for the Volatility Box today