In tonight’s video, we talk about the lack of volatility that we saw in the markets today, and the earnings trade in Delta Air Lines (DAL) based off of “Gap Fills” information. 

Based off the afternoon open yesterday, and the burst of volatility we saw in the first 30 minutes of trading today, we expected to have plentiful entries with the Volatility Box.

However, the rest of the day was filled with nearly muted price activity, and zero setups. 

In yesterday’s video, we used our free Smarter Earnings tool to observe tendencies with DAL and noticed that it tended to fill its gap more often than not. And that’s exactly what happened today. 

DAL gapped down, but had actual earnings beat estimated earnings, and went on to try and fill its gap (came close, but ultimately short). 

We had a total of 0 Volatility Box trades that set up today, for a net P/L of +$0. 

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