Competing With the Trading Algos

In tonight’s video, we talk about the trades that set up in the ES, NQ, YM and ZB futures, after we had news hit the market of a “Phase 1 Trade War Deal” with China. 

The Conservative Volatility Box helps us adjust to this news-driven volatility market, that we are currently experiencing. The algorithms are thriving off of every headline and tweet. 

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the only way to “beat them” is to become an algorithm yourself – following a process-driven approach, in a repetitive and consistent manner. 

And that’s where our well-defined trade plan and methodical approach helps us compete and profit in the marketplace. 

We had a total of 9 trades that set up today, for a net P/L of +$381.25.  That brings our net weekly P/L to +$2,366.25. 


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