Join Us for the Trader’s Symposium 2019

In tonight’s video, we cover the trades that took setup as a result of the news event of the “White House weighing limits on portfolio flows into China.” The key word to pay attention to is “weighing.” 

That’s what gave us permission (and confidence) to buy the dips today.

Keeping in mind that odd things tend to happen on Fridays, and observing patterns from any news/tweets earlier in the week were clear cut signs to be conservative. We mentioned this in yesterday’s video as well.

The Conservative Volatility Box gave you some near-perfect entries to buy the dip on the news, helping you end the week on a marginally positive note. And that’s exactly why we have two models – an aggressive and a conservative one.

We are also excited to announce that we will be presenting the Volatility Box at the Traders Symposium 2019, alongside some legend traders including Ophir Gottlieb, Jeff Hirsch, Keith Gallagher, to name a few.

Details are provided below for those that would like to join us. 


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