Preparing For GS, UAL and UNH Earnings

In tonight’s video, we discuss repeating patterns and tendencies in tickers that are reporting earnings tomorrow. 

Over the last two years:  

  • Goldman Sachs (GS) – Filled its earnings gap ups 62.5% of the time
  • United Air Lines (UAL) – Gap N Go in the direction 75% of the time
  • United Health (UNH) – Gap N Go (Bullish) 62.5% of the time

Below are some price targets, based on if the pattern that tends to happen repeats itself, and we get a move in the direction towards our bias.

The price targets are derived using the closest standard deviation, with the V-Score indicator.

TickerBiasTarget 1Target 2
GSBearish $  198.68  $  182.99
UALBullish $  90.33  $  94.50
UAL Bearish  $  82.00  $  77.83
UNHBullish $  229.34  $  245.81

We analyze GS, UAL and UNH in deeper length in tonight’s video, and also talk about things like whether these moves happen on earnings beat or misses, and the average dollar move post-earnings.

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